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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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to. struggles with food insecurity. - feeding america helps provide food to 37 million people in need, including nearly 14 million children each year. - text "feedkids" to 50555 to donate $10 to feeding america. each $10 donation helps provide 70 meals to children in need. - join us in the fight to end child hunger in america. go to to learn how to help. go to to learn how to help. he turned out to be quite the young man and a great husband and a great dad. >> from the friends who knew him, to the baseball player who wishes he had had the chance. >> i got the next one and threw it in that direction, and just remember it was like it happened in slow motion. >> tonight, players and friends are remembering a remarkable firefighter, who just wanted a
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souvenir for his son. >> cooper is going to always have an angel to look after him now. he's here in spirit. >> good evening, i'm jessica aguirre. shannon stone was many things, a firefighter, loving son, union negotiator. but everyone who knew him agrees that above all else, he was a great dad. he died last night after catching a ball tossed by his favorite player, josh hamilton. his 6-year-old son watching as he tumbled head first. tonight, both the rangers and the a's paused for a heartbreaking moment of silence. the 39-year-old firefighter and his son, cooper, drove more than two hours to see last night's game. even stopping along the way to buy a new glove hoping to catch that foul ball. the perfect father and son outing that turned into a life-changing tragedy for both. >> it's just hard for me to, you
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know, hearing that little boy screaming for his daddy after he had fallen, and then being home with my kids. >> josh hamilton could barely hold back tears remembering last night's game. >> it's surreal. it brings things into perspective how quickly lives can change. >> hamilton doesn't often throw balls to fans, but it seemed like the thing to do. >> the first foul ball that game down i threw it to the ball girl. then i heard somebody say, hamilton, how about the next one. i turned around and i gave him a nod and, you know, i got the next one and threw it in that direction. i just remember it was like it happened in slow motion. >> the 39-year-old's life cut
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short by the quality that set him apart, devotion to his family. >> kindness, generosity, the love he has for his parents. >> shannon always had a desire to become a firefighter. >> his fellow firefighters stunned by his death. across the street from his parent's home, flags fly in shannon's memory. >> he turned out to be quite the young man and a great husband and a great dad. >> shannon and his son, cooper, loved baseball. especially the rangers, and especially josh hamilton. >> just so appreciative of josh hamilton taking the time to throw him the ball. >> shannon's mother said -- . >> all i can think about is just
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praying for him and knowing that god has a plan and don't always understand that plan. >> cooper is always going to have an angel to look after him now. >> stone was initially conscious after the fall and moments before his death, he was still urging paramedics to go check on little cooper in the stands. it had been their fourth rangers' game this year together. his wife by the way stayed home so the boys could go together. a sudden and shattering loss, heartbreak tonight from the brother of the santa cruz pilot killed last night in watsonville. the family of four were headed to a camping trip when their plane crashed after takeoff. an accident that's left relatives stunned. george kiriyama joins us live. >> reporter: we talked with the family tonight.
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they're in a state of shock, they're devastated. what was supposed to be a family weekend celebration in the sierra instead turned into tragedy. >> i only had one brother, and we just miss him. >> reporter: john says he talked to his brother, david, about an hour before the family was to fly off to see yara for the weekend. but a few hours later he got a call saying the family had not arrived. >> we tried to call their cell phones and there's nothing, no answer. it was strange. >> reporter: when they went online, they saw the horrible headlines. >> it was just so shocking that you could be talking to him one moment and reading about him in the headlines a few hours later. and he's not there anymore. >> reporter: john rushed down to the crash site and saw the plane's tail sticking out. >> it looked like he stalled and there wasn't enough altitude to recover and he came down in the
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parking lot and hit a building and they died instantly on impact. >> reporter: david received his license last year. he flew at least twice a week. he and his wife and two sons would often travel the world together. >> it's bad enough to have someone you love hurt, let alone to lose someone, let alone to lose all of them in one shot. >> reporter: david haugten's birthday was monday, that's why they were gathering to celebrate this weekend. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> that is such a tragic loss. police in santa cruz are searching for a pair of sexual predators tonight. we just got these into the newsroom. two men suspected of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy last night on santa cruz's wharf. they're white and in their late 20s and the assault happened just after 8:00. the 13-year-old wasn't injured.
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anyone with information is asked to call the santa cruz county sheriff. in the east bay, a day long fund-raiser for a missing nursing student will go on to help the ongoing search. family and friends of michelle le had an outpouring of community support. 20% of all sales will be donated to the search effort. we first reported when he vanished on may 22 md. >> it keeps getting harder and harder, but we have to stay focused and we have to stay positive that she's out there, that she's alive. >> the amount of money raised tonight is still being tallied. the family says they'll be organizing a car wash fund-raiser july 29th. betty ford has died at the
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age of 93. married to late president gerald ford in 1948, she served as first lady from 1974 to 1977. she raised awareness of addiction when she announced her long running battle with alcoholism in the '70s, founding the betty ford clinic. she was also noted for raising awareness about breast cancer following her own mass sect michigan mass sectamy in 1972. cheryl, this report is just a catalog of mistakes. >> reporter: it was. this report released today echoes last year's audit of garrido supervision by state parolee agents. this report tells it like it is,
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and it's not good. chief u.s. district judge james ware wrote -- . roim>> reporter: garrido and his wife were convicted of kidnapping jaycee dugard. during that time he was on parole for kidnapping and raping a woman in 1977. during his time on parole, home contacts were rare. frequent positive drug tests and pub mission of diluted urine samples were largely ignored and the probation officer appears to have relied on the therapist for information. >> it's scarey, because it puts people at risk, but i'm not surprised at the report. >> reporter: jill is the chair of the crime victims action alliance. the group was created to be a voice for victims in california.
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and although the newly released report on supervision of garrido criticized parole agents, she's afraid governor brown's plan to realign the state parole system will create more victims. >> victims are extremely worried that dangerous people will slip through the cracks, go unsupervised and victimize more people. >> reporter: garrido will never taste freedom again. he was sentenced to over 400 years in prison. >> thank you, cheryl. coming up, an exclusive peek at the royal party. who's hobnobbing with kate and will tonight? and later, redwoods at risk, and the one person that can save this california treasure. why it's you and why scientists need your help more than ever. and caught on tape. you'll see the rescue in the
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wild. and good evening. we did have some marked cooling in the south day. san jose with 86. san francisco 66. and oakland close to 70. a few clouds tonight and we'll talk about our new hurricane in the p u the latest on that storm, coming up. . yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points.
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a royal invasion in southern california this evening. prince william and kate in l.a., arriving for a celebrity studded reception at the consul general's home in hancock park. governor brown was there with his wife, ann. even david beckham showed up. for more, we go to beverly. any excitement there going on tonight still? >> reporter: well, the excitement happened a little while ago here in beverly hills, jessica. but now hopefully the royal couple is fast asleep at their temporary home here in los angeles, which is the british consul general's home. boy, do they deserve that rest. today they wrapped up day one of a three-day weekend that will take them all over southern california.
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the duke and duchess of cambridge touched down on u.s. soil friday afternoon, greeted at los angeles international airport by an entourage that included the governor and first lady of california. they were immediately whisked away where they turned a venture capital conference into a major celebrity event. >> we have a future king here. >> reporter: they were there to promote the united kingdom's version of silicon valley before an audience of ceos and potential investors. it is their first trip together to the united states, and it's brought out royal watchers from as far away as scotland. >> we adore them and we just happened to be here at the right time. >> we watched the royal wedding and then we started planning, because we heard they were coming here. >> reporter: southern california is the couple's only stop during their three-day u.s. visit, though elton john and david and victoria beckham will homes
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here, they'll stay at the british consul general's mansion, where they were welcomed friday night. next on the agenda, prince william plays in a charity polo match and they'll promote the british film industry for the british academy of film and television arts. so they've got the polo match tomorrow and on sunday they will visit an art center for disadvantaged youth here on l.a.'s skid row. >> thank you, gina. marsha says when a burglar ransacked her bedroom, the thief made off with the container holding the ashes of her late mother. she said she was planning to spread the ashes along her mother's favorite hiking trail. >> to me, the value is not
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monetary, i just want it back. i don't want her dumped by the wayside. i'm hoping whoever did this and came in the house and robbed me, you know, has soon discovered that is no monetary value to them, and that they would hopefully try to return her. >> she says her neighbor's home was also burglarized on the same day. if you have any information about either of those break-ins, call the concord police. californians have sought to protect their redwood forest from logging and other threats creating national, state and local redwood parks. but now these refuges are facing a new threat, climate change. doug mcconnell has that tonight. >> we want to understand how redwoods respond to climate, because that's going to dictate if they continue to survive where they are today. and it's going to tell us where they're going to grow
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successfully in the future. >> reporter: climate is changing. these redwoods near santa cruz rely on fog for much of their water. but the number of foggy days along the california coast is down about 30% in the past 50 years. if that trend continues, can these redwoods we love so much survive where they're standing? and in what condition? and where can we protect them? >> we want to know where redwoods are most likely to do well in the future. we can set up parks around those areas in particular. >> reporter: to predict the future for redwoods and where and how toe protect them, scientists are climbing into the upper reaches of towering trees to learn how these giants have responded to climate changes in past centuries. the scientists are documenting the health of these trees today. revisiting them regularly to see how they respond to changing conditions. it's part of a long initiative
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being conducted by save the redwoods league and they need our help. >> we can't be in every location, but if we can get the public doing what they already do, going out and enjoying the redwoods and collecting data, that would be perfect. >> reporter: with the changing of the climate, the trees are facing an uncertain future. >> i may take a picture of the whole tree and then zoom in on a leaf. >> reporter: to become part of redwood watch, allio need is an iphone or ipad or a camera with a gps locator. snap pictures of redwoods and life in the surrounding forest. maybe add an observation and upload it to the website. the exact times of the shots, the specific locations of every tree, and other critical information will be recorded and
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studied by scientists and made accessible to everyone. >> i'm excited that our visitors are going to be able to have a tool to directly help the redwoods. >> reporter: it's easy now for all of us citizen scientists to collect and share a vast amount of invaluable information about the health of thousands of redwoods everywhere they grow, year after year, to help the experts understand where and how to care for our beloved trees as the climate shifts. >> and the fact that the pictures they're taking and sending immediately becomes usable for planning immediately i think is going to make a huge difference to a lot of people. >> reporter: doug mcconnell, nbc bay area news. >> seeing a giant redwood in person is amazing. >> it really is. so huge and enormous. >> jeff joins us now with a look at the weekend. >> we're going to have warm
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weather, a little fog mixing in, good for the redwood trees. let's look out towards the coastline. santa cruz at one of the oldest surviving theme parks in california, opening in 1907. jim foster heading out there and getting us these pictures from today. it's open each and every day and they even do movies right there at the theme park every wednesday. let's bring it on out to our temperatures today. we did have still some warm to hot weather here in livermore with 95. 82 in redwood city. san francisco with 66. and right now we have finally started to see some march cooling in the east bay. 63 in livermore. 56 in hayward. for tonight, we'll see this patchy fog continuing to return here throughout the coastline and for the weekend, it's going to stay warm inland. the seven day is going to get
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cool as we head into next week. we'll see several weak systems continuing to pass throughout the northwest. that will keep the fog pattern in place over the next 48 hours for some 80s inland and cooler at the coast. if you want that heat, you can drive to the south bay or the east bay and it's going to be easy to find on your saturday and sunday. saturday morning, fog for the coastline. by 11:00 a.m., it pushes back to the coastal regions and by the afternoon, sunshine throughout the entire bay area. if you're on vacation to mexico, we do have a hurricane, hurricane calvin out here producing thunderstorms. it will continue producing thunderstorms over the next two days, but it's continuing to head out towards the sea and is not posing any kind of a threat right now to the united states mainland. it is a weak category 1 hurricane. for tonight, upper 40s and low 50s here. for tomorrow, well, it's your average here in the south bay.
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87 in evergreen. 86 in san jose. 85 in dublin and 86 in livermore. for san francisco, 67. 77 in san mateo. as we head to concord, 88. 88 in fairfield and 83 in napa. 86 in novato. okay, your several-day forecast. the weekend is here. i think we've said that so many times today. throughout saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday, we'll stay in the low to mid 80s. by next wednesday -- >> wow. >> thursday and friday, mid 70s coming back. >> that's odd.f >> it iss odd, but it's california and it's 2011. >> we'll be right back in a moment.
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let's check in with henry standing by with the sports for us. happy friday. >> happy friday to you, as well. the g-men back in action against the mets tonight. find out which giants' hitters stayed hot and which giant arm remained cold. highlights coming up next. plus, a live report from at&t park.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. 50 wins before the all-star break, the giants must be doing something right. they enter tonight with the
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third best record in the national league. could they continue to roll? let's go out to at&t park. giants hosting the mets. game one of a three-game set. giants trailing 2-1. nate schierholtz sends this to the water, splash hit, game tied at 2-2. to the 9th inning, still tied at 2-2. brian wilson, fear the beard. i don't think so. go ahead and shave that beard now, because scott hairston has all the hair you want to talk about. the solo shot, mets score three in 29th, win 5-2. >> brian wilson was pitching for his third game in a row and pitched two innings in that 14-inning affair on wednesday. bruce bochy said it was not a concern before the game. >> sure he gives up a home run and you think well, he just made a mistake there. and if he wasn't on his third day, i would let him stay out
11:30 pm
there and pitch out of it. but i wanted him to keep his pitches down and he got a ball up there, that's all. >> reporter: we were not able to talk to wilson after the game as he leaves the clubhouse before the media was allowed in. reporting from at&t park, jamie seyer for nbc bay area news. >> nice job, jamie. over to the a's and rangers. both teams playing with heavy hearts following the tragic loss of shannon stone, the fan who died yesterday while trying to catch a ball. bottom of the first, bases loaded for mike napoli. a grand slam. he was 3 for 4, 4 runs batted in. it's ian kinsler this time, a solo shot. three batters later, adrian beltre. these rangers can hit and they win by a final of 8-5. one other quick note, jessica. yao ming retired today after nine years in the nba. so shaq and yao is out. it's a short man's game now in the nba. i think i'm going to try to get
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in there. i'm tall enough now. >> thisnry. thank yo ity, henry. u.thk you. we'll be right back. ♪
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mother nature's beauty and danger caught on tape. look at this, two men had to be rescued from a dangerous swimming hole. the two battled the high tides of the huntington gorge in vermont. luckily after about an hour and a half, crews rescued one guy by putting a harness and pulling him up. both came out okay. that's going to do it for us today. hope to see you next monday. jeff, have a great weekend. >> you too. enjoy it. .


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